Destroy actor in world using widget button press

Im trying to destroy a specific actor in my world using the button press. I want to destroy the actor(a wall) using the widget that pops up from overalpping it. After the wall is destroyed I want to spawn a different actor. Can someone please help.

When you click the button you need get the actor to be destroyed. you have many ways to do that. One simple way is adding a tag to the actor and use ‘get all actors with tag’ that will output an array of all the actors with that tag…get the item 0 of that array because you will have only one actor with that tag and destroy it…regarding the spawning…you must select the class in the spawn node and give it a transform…you can right click in the orange transform node and split it and you wont have the error anymore but if you want to spawn the actor in a specific place or scale or whatever the transform you want you must feed that in the spawn node.

Could you show me an example of this