Destroy actor from HUD

Hi there, I created an activable buton on my hud, and I want that when this buton is activated, I destroy an actor by clicking in it, I could make it work using the the event tick, nut the problem is with event tick I can not click whenever I want, it simply destroys all actors it touches, even the level bluprinet actor, I have an array of actors that I spawn and I want only to delete the actors from this array when I click, I’m already 2 days looking to try to fix it but I can’t make a simply delete button works, any help please

Here’s what I would suggest:

And if you wanted it to destroy in order:

E: You might have to do int-1 from length as it will count 0 as another.

dotdog20, the type of array that I’m using is actor class array, but I will try what you said and post the results (edit): nothing that I tried based on your solution worked, I am trying to destroy the touched actor from the HUD blueprint, not the UMG, and I think that something is missing, like referencing that the actor that has to be destroyed is being touched or clicked, but I tried a lot of things and nothing worked yet, except for the event tick

Hi, I got help on this question [RESOLVED] Pass Boolean value from one blueprint into another - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

It helped me go through this problem another way! thanks for your attetion!