Destroy actor AND spawn actor blueprint.

Hi guys

I have an issue in the engine, where I need to destroy an actor, when in a certain point of the level and then spawn it again afterwards.

Ok so, the scenario is, that I have a big outside area, that needs to have certain outside elements,outdoors lighting, like fog, music, rain particles, etc - And that works.

But then I need to enter a building, and I need to disable those outside elements. The way I have done it, is by making a teleport that teleports me inside the building, I tried making it on a seperate level at first, but the load time between the levels are just too high for it to work properly.

As you can see in the blueprint, I have made two teleport systems, one that takes me in, one that takes me out.
Teleporting inside the building, and disabling the actors, using the Destroy actor node works perfectly fine

However - My question is, how can I get those actors to spawn again, once I exit the building? Because as it is now, it works fine to teleport inside, but once I teleport out, the fog, light, rain etc is gone.