Destored Actor Counts

I want to now how to make the game count when i kill the ai so when i killed them all it will have a delay then spawn more for a zombie game based on rounds thanks

Just make a variable, increment it by 1 each time you kill a zombie, once the variable reaches a certain number, spawn more. Have you seen the tutorial series I am working on? I will be teaching everyone how to replicate Nazi Zombies in UE4, today I will probably be posting my 2nd video, check out my post here:

Is There any vids on it variables are my bigest weakness thanks il check you vids out as well may help me and my cusin

or with pcs

Variables are just a way to store information such as numbers, text, and various other things. Let’s pretend you have a variable called “Player Health”, and the variable is a float (a float is a number that can hold decimals, like 3.15, or 82.6). This health variable is something you can use to store the player’s health, you can add to it, subtract from it, and do many things to the variable. You can also do certain things depending on what the variable is, something you can do is kill the player if the health is below 0. You could think of a variable as a way to give a number a name, such as naming the number 100 “Player Health”. I highly suggest that you do not try and make something as advanced as a zombies game until you understand the basics of computer programming, this includes arrays, loops, functions, variables, operators, if statements, etc… Otherwise, you will likely encounter a roadblock and give up.

Thanks but were can i learn them

Just do research about the terms I listed above, maybe start with variables.

Although I see you’re very new to this, another possible way of testin if all enemies are dead would be to just “get all actors of class” then if it’s equal to(or less than) 0 then they must be all dead, so start the next round