DestMesh debris destroyed too soon

hi there,

been playing around with the destructible meshes with some awesome results. Im trying to elongate the amount of time the broken chunks stay in the level, at the moment they dont last more than one second. The issue is that no matter what I change in the destructible mesh property panel, nothing changes.From debris, timeout, separation, min/max values, nothing seems to affect it.

If I simulate the “fall” with just dragging the mesh in the scene and simulate physics its there for all eternity. But as soon as I make a blueprint and fire off destructible cows, debris get cleared up asap.

is there anything systemic that I am missing, perhaps some other setting ?

kind regards

anyone ? 3 days later and still no luck

Hi strahobrz,

There should be several values in the destructible mesh editor that you can adjust to prevent debris from clearing or determine what size of chunk qualifies as debris. Check the details pane within the destructible mesh editor and play with the numbers until you get exactly what you are looking for. For more information on destructible meshes, click here:


thanks very much for the reply. Im practically living in the dest mesh editor the last few days and cant figure out for the life of me whats going on. If i put the mesh on the field, it works, but if I drag the blueprint that uses the dest mesh, nothing seems to be registring.

you can try a simple test. Open the FPS blueprint demo project and make the projectile destructable. Initial lifetime, destmesh actor lifetime values, nothing do anything whatsoever on my end.