Destiny or WoW styled Charchters

Hello, I am still an intermediate at UE4, I barely know C++ but I strongly know the BP system, what I want to to create is a login screen where a user logs in with his account, then he can create his own character (Max 2), and as he progress in the game he gains items which he can add to his character like Destiny and WoW, I know how the adding separate items will be like by using sockets and by properly scaled and shaped objects they will look good with the animations, but the hard part is how to make these characters stored for each player account and how can the player view them from a website or smth, I know more of the in game BP stuff rather than the stuff which connects to Internet and Online, any help is very appreciated.

Thank You for taking the time to read this.

You would need to be able to set up a server that would store that information

Yes,but how will I able to manage that connection to show the data on the server, I am working with steam SDK, and not much of a C++ user so I’m a little slow, so please bear with my stupidity

It doesn’t really have much to do with C++. What you’re describing is data persistence.

You’re talking about implementing an authentication feature / account management, as well as a persistent backend for your game.

You may want to spend some time learning more about databases and how games leverage them. Databases can be as simple as flat files or ini files or you could leverage a traditional RDBMS like mysql / postgres.

Ultimately though the question you’re asking doesn’t have a simple answer - it’s quite complex.