Desrtuction meshes headache!!

Hello all, and thanks for your patience, i need help with the destruction meshes, i saw tutorials for this after and before UE4.6 and im really dizzy:confused:, sometimes works weird and other didnt work, if any one can tell me really BASIC and SOLID information how i make a yellow ball (in this case from the example FPS template) destroy a wall i will be very happy because cant found the exactly info in the wiki or youtube, really thank you all :).

PD: I want to create something like this

Take a look at this thread: How to make a projectile destroy a destructible mesh? - UE4 AnswerHub :slight_smile:

Or follow Tim Hobsons tutorial :slight_smile:

Thanks, Fighter! You beat me to it! :slight_smile:

Also take a look at this project:

I set this up a while back for another user for test purposes and made it public to help out. The tutorial linked above that is a rough draft I did should help out as well. The projectile stuff is covered starting with Step 10.

Essentially what all this will cover is setting up the collision channels so that the YB Projectile and the Destructible know how to interact with each other. This is not something that is set up automatically which can lead to the frustration you’ve run into. I started out the same way banging my head against a wall until I got used to the editor and how things all work together. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions feel free to post and I’ll gladly help out.


thank you guys, i will check this ones, you are the best!. :cool: