Desperately need iOS In App Purchasing help


I’m desperately looking for help on how to set up In App Purchasing inside UE4. I know there’s this page about it, but it severely lacks information on how to actually do it.

Looking at this image tells me some of the nodes but it doesn’t tell me about the whole process.

For instance, the “On Success” node. Assuming it’s a Consumable, does that function only add the consumables to the game? Is that it? Or does something else need to be done?

What does the Completion Status do and how do you handle it? The function related to the failure, is that just a message saying it was unsuccessful and the rest is handled by Apple?

Finally, how do you complete the nodes of the Break InAppPurchaseProductInfo? Isn’t the price handled by apple?

I’m begging someone who has successfully made IAP for iOS to help me out or simply show me an example of how they did it, please.

Thank you very much.

Anyone? Please.

If you are referring to the “Break” node Terence put in post #7 I believe it’s just showing you how to access the information provided from apple so you can feed your UI, or debug output.

If your looking for a person who has made IAP of something more than just an unlock you may have a small audience at the moment,…