Desperate Revit-to-Unreal question

Hello great community.
Since past couple of weeks i’ve spend most of the time trying to make this all Revit-to-3ds MAX-to-Unreal4 thing works, but I’ve never succeed, and I am seeking your kind help and advice.

My so far workflow is :
a)In Revit

At the end I am ending up with a scene which have just a few out of my materials I’ve made in 3DS MAX, and most of the placeholders ocupied by the materials in MAX is merged.
The result is always messy dissregard what I’ve tried as configuration on the exporter.

I am attaching my real 3DS MAX project - just ready to be exported :
Please if You could - take a look and give a push up to a noob :expressionless:

When exporting to UE4 you need to use the Standard material type, the other ones don’t translate

Facepalming hard like Picard did once before

Thank You buddy ! IT’S ALIVEEE … IT’S ALIIIIVEEEE ! :smiley: Finally… 2 weeks, 2 weeks and not to release this thing ! :slight_smile: THANK YOU !

I am going to learn Unreal for the same workflow as yours. Just wondering, in your workflow if you change your model in revit, will you have to redo everything in unreal? or can you update your scene in unreal?


If you make any changes to your original model you can export it again as FBX under the same name, and then in Unreal simply right-click on the assets in the content browser and Reimport