Desktop setup for ue 5

I will buy a new computer, my goal is to work in a
c++ project on unreal engine 5 current version .
The project (game) is not simple, the graphics are high quality (high verts count and high resolution textures).
I was looking for AMD 5900x (i know its a old socket, but its what i can paid for at this moment), or 5950x, i know that 5950x is better than 5900x, but I dont know if worth the upgrade, since I can buy a better GPU if I buy the 5900x.
The question is: Is the 5950x way better than 5900x to my dev workflow? Do i will notice a huge difference? And how about the 7950x, worth save some money to buy it?

With the 5900x I can buy DDR4 memory, and save a lot of money to buy a RTX 4070 (ti maybe).

Do you know some website where I can find benchmarks between 5900x, 5950x, 7900x, 7950x…? I just want to know compile time (code, shaders…) so I can decide if worth the extra money.

Thanks for the help!

I will use a 32GB DDR4 RAM 3200mhz

I think any modern CPU will do. So go for cheapest CPU here.

What is more important (for unreal editor):

  • more ram the better
  • more Video ram the better
  • ssd for unreal editor, and if possible second ssd for projects (this ssd may die quite fast, 2-4 years, from constantly overwriting stuff). and HDD for local backups.

Hi @math.alecc

As Nawrot was saying, a lot of of the current CPU’s are good choices for this. Ram is definitely a big part. The SSD recommendations will help a lot instead of running a standard hard drive. There’s quite a speed gap. If your motherboard has slots, NVME’s are really great too. A lot of the specifics honestly come down to personal preference. I used to use PC Parts Picker to build everything. There was also some discord channels out there like ‘BuildaPC’ that I found very helpful. I can’t recommend any of that from Epic since none of it is ran by us. But, looking into options like that will likely help give you more information. I hope that helps!

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