Desktop pc build

Hello i need some advice, i building a high end gaming desktop pc, because also i wanting to install Unreal engine 4. And i want to use photorealistic environment packs and assets from Mega scane sight to export to Unreal engine 4, i have already own a X99A Godlike gaming carbon LGA 2011-3 Motherboard, also i own a Corsair H110i CPU water cooler, i am yet to invest in a MSI GTX 1080Ti GPU video cards January next year and August 2018 a intel core i7 Extreme Edition 6950X /10 core CPU LGA 2011-3. Then January 2019 invest in 8 by Corsair Dominator Platinum 128G (8x16G) 3466MHz DDR4, then August 2019 (2x10TB internal 3.5 hard drive, i wont to know is it viable to use a second GPU and using a 10 core CPU and 8 rams to run Unreal engine 4 using photorealistic assets could anyone guide me please mutch appreciated, i already got Motherboard and cooler, the MSI GTX 1080Ti has got support Direct X 12. Thank you

A better CPU will only improve your performance when compiling or baking. Using the editor and frame rates running a project are going to be basically the same using a 4 or 6 core i7 versus a 10 core.

A second GPU isn’t going to improve performance using the editor and getting proper SLI support for a finished project requires working with Nvidia to make an SLI profile.

If your goal is to have the highest frame rates possible in the editor. 4 core i7, 1080Ti, 16 GB of RAM, running off an SSD is all you really need. If you need to improve baking and rendering times, upping the core count will really cut down on the time.

Thank you brother, for you help, i know i don’t have to spend excessive amount of money on computer power i don’t need, by not going over the top, i just as for knowledge my motherboard can take up to 8 by 16Gs of Ram, how many shoul i use 4 or 8. thank you.

Great answer - i would also like to add in the UE4 doesnt support 2 video cards, it will only use the primary. SLi or Crossfire not supported. A finished product shouldn’t ever have SLi or Crossfire, that stuffs dead … been dead for a long time …

It doesnt much matter how you get to X number. You can use 4 banks, you can use 8 banks if you want. If it was me, i would figure out: is it cheaper to do 4 banks to reach 64GB or cheaper to do 8 banks to reach 64GB (or 128gb or whatever you decide)

Thank-you for your support help.:slight_smile: