Desk Dragons Interactive want Super-Awesome Game Developers!


Desk Dragons are a small games developer located in sunny Manchester, UK - we’ll be shortly leaving preproduction on our first games and are looking to potentially make a few key hires within the next few months. All roles are full time, paid and on-site here in Manchester.

We’re looking for the following different types of awesome people:

Game Designer

The Game Designer we’re looking for is at home with all manner of different types of games, but has a particularly keen interest for strategy games and virtual / augmented reality. They’ll be able to conceptualise game content and marry them seamlessly into game mechanics. They know their way around user interfaces / user experience, have some level of scripting or programming ability, and can work with common level design tools.

Gameplay Programmer

The Gameplay Programmer we are looking for is fluent in C++, has some experience with blueprint and knows the Unreal Engine reasonably well. Ideally they are well versed in AI, have some knowledge of procedural content generation, and can handle complicated webs of statistics.

Technical Artist

The Technical artist will be experienced with rigging and animation, both for lightweight objects suitable for mobile environments, and for complex and detailed characters. Additional modelling and material creation skills are highly desirable.

Thanks for your time - please contact lparkes [AT] deskdragons [DOT] com if you are interested in any of these roles.

I’m going to give this a cheeky little bump. Thanks to everyone who’s gotten in touch so far, I’ll be responding to people shortly.