Designing an elevator blueprint that goes up and down

So I’ve got an elevator that I’ve made and I want to improve it.

Basic design is a trigger box at the bottom which opens the sliding doors. Then there is a triggerbox inside which causes the lift to move up when the player steps on it. So it takes him up to the second floor and then stops, another trigger box at the top opens the second pair of elevator doors. After this there is no way for the player to get back down to floor 1.

I’m trying to think of a way to make this work in blueprints (or maybe there is an easier way with matinee feature which I currently am not using)

Maybe I could add buttons rather than boxes the player steps on, but I’m a little stumped. Any ideas?

all of the elevator tutorials online are just simple one direction lifts. I can post screenshots of my blueprints when I get home if that helps!

My original idea was to just add another trigger box at the top that does the same thing in reverse, then It occurred to me that the player would get sent up and down to infinity as he gets passed between two trigger boxes, lol.

Use a boolean which you set to true (or false, whatever suits you) when the player has reached point of no return. Set a branch in the door opener/elevator panel that makes nothing happen when clicked on :slight_smile:

Or if other floors are still accessible. Make an integer variable with the selected floor in it. Make a branch which cheks if “SelectedFloor” = 1 , then True → Nothing happens, → False, proceed to floor.

Here you can see how to create an elevator that can also bring the player back to the bottom floor -> ?v=FTA-flJOaQE (instead of using the end overlap event, use a own one) :slight_smile:
The doors can be done with a trigger or you could just set a bool to “true” false in your elevator blueprints -> when the elevator is at the top, the bool gets set to “true” and it will open the door (cast to doo bp)

Thanks guys I was really stumped with this one. Looking forward to trying these suggestions later!