Designing a simple FPS based off of UT

I want to design a simple FPS. The art would all be custom. But the weapons would fire the same way as in UT, the characters would take damage the same way as in UT, the characters would move around the same way as in UT, and the players would all respawn the same way as in UT.

Is there any way that I could learn to do this? I want a game that plays exactly like UT.

I thought that making games using the UT mechanics was one of the ways to use ue4. I guess this would be like modding.

The easiest way to learn this is to take a look at the UT project which you can download -> there you can see how everything was made. Also take a look at the official tutorials on youtube. With those videos you will learn the basics -> weapon creation, 3rd person characters,… :slight_smile:

I guess after I would learn how to design my own custom weapons and characters based off of the UT mechanics I’d need to do other things with it to. I’d need to make my own menus and UI. I didn’t see anything about custom weapon creation. And I also saw a bunch of stuff that I wasn’t interested in like the punching for example.

That shouldnt be a problem -> there are plenty of other tutorials on youtube + the wiki https://wiki.unrealengine/Main_Page + here you can find information about nearly everything https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/ :smiley:

Search for: unreal engine 4 projectile (basics of the weapon creation). The 3rd person series (with the punchings) explains you all the basics of using a character.

I think your missing the point.

I don’t want to put together my own movement scripts and attach it to something that fires a projectile and then check to see if theres a collision with that projectile and decrease health.

I want to make custom weapons based off of the UT weapons like the shock rifle, flak cannon, or impact hammer. I think it would be cool if there was also a way that I could make a melee weapon that functioned like a UT weapon even though there aren’t any besides the impact hammer.

When you want to know how to create a game like UT, you will have to know the basics -> you can learn them with the video tutorials on youtube. (when I’m at home I will post you some useful tutorials)

-projectile tutorial -> you need it to create a weapon that can shoot
-3rd person tutorial -> bots, other players
-damage system -> search for it with the upper link and you will find some good explanations
-on youtube you can also find a respawn tutorial
-there are many UMG tutorials for menu and UI creation

Those projectiles are rigid bodies that fall in space. I don’t think that projectile video has anything to do with what I’m talking about.

This might be what I’m looking for. It would be cool if it showed you how to make melee weapons too.

Ok, to clarify this -> open the fps template and take a look at the blue weapon -> that’s the basic way how to create a weapon with bp’s. It uses the same technique as it is shown in the tutorial.

I want to learn how to mod UT. Not make a movement script, camera, 3rd person model, with a projectile that fires, and you check its collision.

To mod for the new UT you will need UE4 experience and you can learn it by watching tutorials and studying the UT project

I want to design a simple FPS. The art would all be custom.

That’s also why you need to learn the UE4 basics -> official tutorials

Do you think it would be possible to get some step by step instruction on how to reverse engineer the weapons with the “sample fps game” and make my own?

Here is a basic way how you could create a melee system: https://wiki.unrealengine/Melee

Or perhaps I should take your advice. Do those tutorials. And code health subtraction with projectiles. Those projectiles just don’t seem like they would function as weapons. They fall so quickly and don’t travel fast.