Designing a scene inside the 3D design software

I don’t have any experience using 3D design software or the UE4 engine. I don’t have any experience using any software at all TBH. But I was thinking that it would be possible for me to start by making a scene in 3D blender using NURBS Rhino 3d models converted to a different format. Not only would I be making a scene rather than individual models… but rather that I would be artistically creating individual models and saving them and adding them to the scene where I would be doing the animation and later save the entire scene. Then I would go through and individually export one hierarchy equaling one model with animation until all models were exported and ready to be used in UE4.

Let me explain the workflow. I start out in Rhino and make a model which is basically a hierarchy of 3D objects which in total make up a gun or a sword or a character or a building. Then I export the individual Model(be it a gun/building/character whatever) as a format for Blender. Then I go into blender and import it into my scene file. Then in my scene file I add texture/rigging/animation. Then I create another model in Rhino… export it… import it into the scene… rig/texture/animate… repeat.

Once the scene starts to grow I can start modelling inside the scene as that might help my creativity. After I have modeled and animated the entire visual portion of the game except for HUDs and menus… I can export each model individually into UE4.

After the 3D models are inside the UE4 editor… I’d then begin to blueprint the crap out of them until the game is complete. Then I’d make models for the menus and HUDs and export them the same way I did the game models. Then I’d blueprint the crap out of the HUD models.

After that I could methodically rewire my blueprints into an online Multiplayer game with networking.

If you don’t know how to use any of the software, maybe you should just go ahead and do some basic modeling tutorials.

From your description you can clearly see that you have no idea how the process of creating realtime scenes works.

And what do you want to say with this or what is your question? And why do you want to use use Rhino for modelling and export it to Blender and not working directly and only in Blender doing everything you want/need. It is completely confused what you describe and it makes no sense.

I’m not sure what the question is, but they basically gave an accurate overview of the process of making game assets.

  1. Model something
  2. Texture that thing
  3. Animate that thing
  4. Import into Unreal
  5. Use blueprints (c++) to control that thing
  6. Repeat

The software that you use for steps 1-3 are very much dependent on the individual person/team/company. Where I am, we tend to use Rhino for modelling and 3dsmax for animating because that’s what people are already using for other non-Unreal work. Rhino to blender sounds fine to me too. As does just blender.

I understood what you want to say theirs nothing hard to do if you have inters just read more information about 3D designing software keep well