Designing a basic interior scene and NORMALS

Hello everyone!

Just started with Unreal and have a little experience with 3ds Max My question is as follows.

When creating “walls” for a basic room using the Box brush, I have seen the technique where one wall is created then duplicated and dragged across to the other side to establish the opposite wall. But using this technique results in one wall having the normals facing inward and the other wall facing outwards. Does it matter? I have noticed a difference in how these walls are shown in wireframe mode when viewed from the “Top” viewport.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure what you mean :confused:
after all it’s a box and the normals of a box are usually perpendicular to the respective face (except you’ve been editing the normals ^^). This would mean that you’re always having one face with its normal pointing inwards and one pointing outwards per box. Maybe you could add a picture so its easier to understand what your problem is :slight_smile:
In the end you’re just blocking out your level with BSP’s and model your final mesh with max