Designer Lamps Vol 1

Hello, Unreal people. I wanted to share the release of my first marketplace offering to the gods!

It’s a set of 31 highly customizable interior designer lamps.

As seen on the Marketplace.

Each lamp instance offers a wide array of exposed parameters to edit the instance with ease. The prime goal was to offer an easy and versatile interior prop control scheme.

The usuals apply, attenuation radius, intensity, an on/off toggle, but I allowed myself to delve into some further improvements;

Temperature and manual color mixing, the user can control the temperature of the light, which will propagate both to the omnilight and emissive materials, and correctly blend with any custom color values set as well.

Lamp mesh is lit by the indirect lighting cache but also casts shadow on the precomputed lightmass bake. It allows the complicated geometry of the lamps to receive smooth and lighting, without having to bake large resolution lightmaps for each lamp instance. With a little hack, the dynamically lit lamps meshes which would otherwise be invisible to the GI solver, now also cast a shadow on the static light built.

Frosted glass material, with the user able to adjust the light’s scattering though the glass, and the glass darkening effects. Values to break the PBR bond added to free artistic potential.

Other trivialities include mesh coloration too for feature completenss’s sake.

The pack comes with a showroom map, and an usage example map with further details and use cases of each property exposed by the instances. As well as a short wall of text on the actual Blueprint inner workings.
Get them here, Today!
And receive a free back scratcher! (Backscratcher not included mileage my vary.)

Also stay tuned for Volume two, which will feature Ceiling lamps of the same quality and feature set.

And a transcript of the features listed on the store page~

  • Simple Drag and Drop lamps with exposed parameters.
  • Special built frosted glass material
  • Blueprint automatically takes care of the material and lamp emissive values
  • Lamp instance metal colors can be adjusted per instance
  • Lamp Color can be set in kelvin, automatically resolved for material emissive
  • Natural blending of custom set color and blackbody color emission
  • Smoked Glass effect
  • Special variables to break the “BPR” but improve artistic freedom, lamp to light body material emissive blend control, lamp to glass surface glow emissive control, scene darkening though glass body control
  • Lamps set up to use the Indirect Lighting Cache for the lamp mesh, but also able to cash shadows on the static GI bake.

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Texture Size 2048

Collision: Complex used as simple.

Vertex Count: 4.5k Average

LODs: Automatically Generated as Large Props

Number of Meshes: 31

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 7

Number of Textures: 3

Size of content: 40 MB

Size of example content: 356MB ((Delete Example Content Folder once reviewed))

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, PS4, XboxOne

Documentation: All necessary information is described in the “Usage Example” map. Each value property is explained in detail there.

Important Notes:

The Showroom maps use the default First Person playable character, but if your project lacks an input scheme ((Turn, LookUp, MoveForward, MoveRight axis mappings, found in Project Settings - Input)) when you play the map, you will not be able to move. But all projects created on the FisrtPerson or ThirdPerson template will have these set by default.

Happy interior lighting!