Designer Dining Set

This set contains 5 photo-realistic Mid Century & Modern Dining Sets. Perfect for any ArchViz scene. Tested and built for Desktop VR. Based on real designer tables. These are low to medium poly models.

Pack included 5 Chairs, 5 Tables, 1 Light Fixture, 2 Wall Panels, and 2 Window Panels


Cinematic video of the INCLUDED demonstration map:



  • 5 Dining Sets, ready to be placed in any scene
  • 15 Meshes
  • All meshes are based off of real designer pieces of furniture, built using manufacturer specs
  • All assets are VR friendly
  • Seamless 4k textures built with Substance
  • 2 distinct interior design styles allow these tables to blend into your scene
  • Easily change the materials of the meshes
  • Detailed master material, commented
  • Beautiful demonstration map which uses high quality lighting settings

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: (Yes)

Texture Size (4096x4096):

Collision: (Yes, automatically generated)

Vertex Count:

SM_RoundDiningTable: 6,261
SM_ModernRectangleDiningTable: 3,952
SM_RoundGlassDiningTable: 2,797
SM_WireframeHourGlassDiningTable: 18,180
SM_WoodRoundDiningTable: 14,027
SM_WireframeDiningChair: 17,259
SM_PlasticDiningChair: 13,419
SM_FabricDiningChair: 10,741
SM_LeatherDiningChair: 39,156
SM_DarkChair: 18,917
SM_Panel: 451
SM_WallPanel: 558
SM_SingleWindow: 2,358
SM_DoubleWindow: 2,666
SM_CircleLight: 5,590

LODs: 0
Number of Meshes: 15
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 2 Master, 30 Instances
Number of Textures: 86
Supported Development Platforms: (PC)
Supported Target Build Platforms: (PC)