Design levels using blueprints?

I wasn’t sure where to post this, but level design seemed appropriate. I was wondering if it was possible to create a blueprint (or C++ code if needed) that could generate a level for me every time a player launches a new game. My reason for doing this is because I would like the level layout to be different so the player has to re-learn the layout. It is part of the gameplay. I have the assets that I need already and they were designed with a modular construction approach in mind. I can mix and match the pieces to create variations in buildings and what not.

I haven’t done much with blue prints or UE4 in general, but I am programmer. My guess is that it is possible to randomize the generation of a level with some pre-defined parameters. However, can it be done and still look good? Can you pre-define parameters that will paint textures realistically around meshes, and place vegetation in places that make sense. For example, I could probably randomize the placement of vegetation, but whose to say that the vegetation won’t be placed inside a building, or on top of a building?

I guess if you were to write a script that could do this (or assemble a blueprint) it might be hard to expect it to be able to create a visually pleasing level that is built with purpose and serves the gameplay goals all at the same time. Maybe with some very well thought out code it can be done.

What do you guys think?

Why not research what others have done already in this area…
Do a forum search on keywords like Procedural and Maze…

I’m currently using this little gem: Dungeon Architect - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

Dude that is amazing, thanks for the reference. It beats trying to make your own.