Design advice?

:o hello all,

I been working on this awhile now but can not figure out the best way to design this…should I keep it this way? Or should I do something? If so…any ideas would be greatly helpful…I wanna keep the pipes the way it is layed but Im not sure if I should cover where they cross at…Or would it look ok like this?

If you want to make them intersect, you can probably do it with some sort of a connector that way it looks cleaner.


1.If this is the model of the second plan, we let it remain.

2.Use the “smoth” in a 3d editor or add polygons if the model of the first plan.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: And Hi SE_JonF, Yeah I want it to Intersect but it looks ugly as is…Just not sure what to cover it with LOL…Connector is a good Idea…I’ll see what I can do…

If you aren’t getting too close to it then it doesn’t matter. But if you are then there’s some good ways of modeling it so that you get a smooth curved intersection.

Something like this is what I was referring to. =)