DESERTED -Video and Screenshots

Hi Guys,

Mike and I just want to share some screenshots and video of our new game DESERTED, let us know what you think.

Here are some screenshots

To learn more about the game visit our most developed site on Kickstarter … no you don’t have to pledge but it has fancy .gif’s
We will keep you updated as development continues. We are planning for Q4 2016 release. So any feedback will be appreciated.

Mike and Roman

Love the retro stylings - reminds me of ‘Another World’.

Is this the final style or placeholder for rapid development?
Are there actually textures in there or is this all vertex colors?

Ha! Out of this World !!! that is our visual inspiration for the game:-) No textures, just brainstorming. There will be a lot of refining but this is what we are going for with visuals. 73394451975d3c95e4c581ef0d9c27987c29c033.jpeg

Yeah, looks good, nice art direction. Those big enemies look really cool.

Some feedback if I may:

  • A bit too much bloom or too-bright materials, mostly with smaller things near your character that make it difficult to see what’s you’re character is doing. I know it’s tempting to crank up emissive, but you don’t want it to be so much that you can’t see what an enemy or your own character is doing.
  • It looks like his feet are sliding a bit during the run animation
  • The particle effect around his feet when he’s running doesn’t look very good, and it’s generally the highest-contrast thing on the screen, so it stands out. It’s just a constant pfffft, not related to his feet or anything else, and makes it look even more like he’s skiing. The poufs when attacking or dashing are quite nice, it’s just the smaller effect when moving around that I don’t like. If the effect was aligned with each footstep, that would be cool, a little spray of particles when he lifts his foot, or maybe footprints on the ground that fade away.

But all-in-all it look great, keep it up!

-ross: Thank you so much for the advice and suggestions!! very much appreciate it and these issues are definitely in mind for us to revisit.

this looks real nice

Looks utterly wonderful. Gameplay looks fun too.

Thanks guys!

@ RMMedia the gameplay look very nice and the graphic is amazing ,my only concern is the storyline so hope the game have great story as thats what make us to share it with other people and make it a success game in indie world , congratulation for you guys as you made something you love and we love it more .