Desert Town

**Update March 03, 2016:
** Hey everyone, we have just submitted Desert Town to the Unreal Marketplace. There’s been a quicker approval and release process now, our Industrial City is coming out March 30 if you haven’t seen our other thread:

Here are some of the features:[/SIZE]

  • Complete motel with interiors - a simple generic building that has hyper modular & a motel room to make multiple building shapes

  • **Vertex painting/tintable props **- create a custom look with color variations and adding grunge on assets

  • **Smart blueprints for objects **- ex. Car has swappable damage states, easy tint control and lights you can toggle

  • Tileable terrain textures - paint walkways and dirt paths, help break up ground with variation. Also comes with height blended rockfaces.

  • Tons of vegetation - palm trees, bushes, grass, cactus, etc. to help fill up your scene

  • **Mix of small & large props **- easily create large varieties with small props to place for close-up detail and large props like a wind turbine or motel sign for background detail

  • Modular Spline walls/fences - quickly create a barrier area with a spline and modular pieces

  • LOD states for trees & props




PolyPixel back again with another pack! This time we’re making a desert town, here’s some first shots of the assets.

Also note the new skybox which will be included for free :smiley:

Great stuff :D, can’t wait to see how it develops.


Good work !
have you got an approximative release date ?

Looks really awesome so far!

Just a quick question about the skybox: is that a cubemap? I’m wondering because it looks a lot more high-res than any hdr cubemaps I’ve managed to import, seems they are limited to size in-engine.

Good start! Where is the ‘Breaking Bad’ van ? :wink: Keep up the nice work!

Looking superb :slight_smile: do you happen to have plans to add road pieces? Would be especially interested of highway bridges like in this (including exit/enter ramps):

Anyway thanks for all these packs. Have already purchased 4 of them.

Thanks for the support guys. And yup, we are doing roads, not highway roads for this pack. Just regular dirt road and highway desert road. But I really do like the idea of the freeway overpass kind of roads. It would work well for a potential pack we are currently in the design phase for. Thanks for the ideas :smiley:

Thank you for your continued support! We don’t plan on adding anything that elaborate but will talk to the team about it for a future pack.

Here’s some WIP for roads/terrain:

Some more WIP for foliage and rocks

Looking great! Are the trailers / mobile homes enter-able? How about the motel?

The trailers/mobile homes are not enter-able but the motel is :D. Will post some screenshots of some built motels once we get going on the level

Are you guys planning a medieval castle pack?

Glad to see more interest in a medieval castle pack. We’re making notes of it and may have something in the future!

We’ll be starting the level design this week so will have some buildings and level layouts soon!

Some early level design screenshots

Do let us know if you have any questions about the pack :smiley:

Looking awesome guys!

Thank you!

Here’s some new lighting tests.

We’re planning to include a daytime and nighttime scene for this one :smiley:

Looking great! In-line with my other question, are either the gas station or the square building enterable? Not a deal break either way… but it would save me some work :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes all are enterable :slight_smile: the gas station door is actually open but the small buildings are closed but all can be enterable. They are hyper modular building parts with both interior and exterior. :smiley: