Desert Town

Hi. This topic was created to discuss the pack. Also we will post here news and updates.

**Parts of the pack: **

Hello SergOrc! Great pack and good luck with the sales, I just wanted to ask, is this pack using unique textures for buildings? Don’t get me wrong it’s totaly fine with me but need to be sure.

Keep up with the good work. Cheers!

Hello Nocte Gaming! On buildings use advanced height based blend material with 5 blending material slots with tile textures. This is a screenshot with the settings of the material:

Thank you for your detailed reply SergOrc!

If i buy the 3 parts packs its equal to the full pack ?

Full pack has the demoscene. There is no demoscene in the mini packs.

Hello Sergey,

I’m making free mods on the game Conan Exiles and I’m interested in your Desert Houses Collection pack.

I don’t have the impression that there are the structures we can see in the Full pack.

Is there a way to have that in addition ?

Conan Exiles uses UE 4.15.3 so I know that I’ll have to rework the materials to make them compatible and it’s going to take a lot of work to adapt all of this to the Conan Exile building modular system.

Yesterday I said I was interested in buying the Desert Houses Collection pack which cost 55 euros and today it costs 66 euros. +20% price increase overnight.
The full pack was at 186 euros and now 221 !

I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Why the sudden increase in price?

Edit : I’m really disappointed because since the beginning of the year (since 4 months) I managed to collect the money to buy the desert houses pack, I was going to place the order and now I don’t have enough money left.