Desert Run - small car driving game for VR

Hello All!

I just wanted to showcase our latest project for VR using Unreal Engine we built for a gangster party in Czech. We we’re quite tight on budget, so mostly Unreal assets are used.


Looks nice so far. But the car seems a bit smooth and shiny. Don’t know how to explain this, but it doesn’t fit the lighting.

And i totaly need a kill counter for my RL car! x)

well done - i enjoyed watching that - i really liked the intro “see that house on fire? you did that!” lol :slight_smile:

Is there anything more fun than hitting terrorists with your car? lol I’ve jumped on the VR band wagon myself. Let us know when you have a demo to download.

It was created for a specific event and for people there it was their first experience with VR as well. For most of them actually completing the demo was quite an achievement. It might seem easy, but a lot of people found it difficult to go thru the tunnels etc.