Desert Retreat

Hi guys,

hope I can post this here since the competition I entered this with is long past and I will be moving to new stuff, but I wish to share what we did and learned.
Together with my girlfriend whom we do architectural visualization together (web & FB) and my brother, we entered Epic’s/Ronen Bekerman’s Vineyard challenge.

Story behind and the pictorial (I don’t want to spam 30 pictures here) is on the project’s Behance

Long story short, we’ve all learned Unreal4 from scratch during 2 weeks and produced our first real-time ‘baby’. I have long affinity with games and wish to eventually merge it with architectural visualization,
as well as expand our horizons with new subjects.

I know it’s imperfect in many ways…but it’s what we did and it was pure adrenaline rush for us from start to finish. I look forward to producing more complete and polished works now that we feel comfortable with the new tool :- )

Thank you, cheers,
Juraj & Veronika

If you have any questions, just ask away…

What kind of FPS are you getting in the scene? It can’t be more than 30fps with all of those ludicrously nice materials. One thing I would recommend though is to try to squeeze at least 90 frames per second in the “game”, as this opens up VR tours for you guys, and I would so much like to tour that environment in VR.

Well done.

That look, sound and feel amazing !!!

Seriously, it look clean, modern, stylish :smiley: I really like the way the modern stuff blend with the natural stuff all around.

Music fits like a glove :slight_smile:

CG to all of you !

Hi Savior,

because of time constraints (and lack of experience), I couldn’t pay much attention to optimization, nonetheless, the FPS is quite positive :- ) What you see was rendered 2560x1440px using nVidia Shadowplay because of issues with Matinee Movie export. And it averaged 60+ FPS using very lifted settings for ScreenSpace Reflections (I modified the shaders.ini to 16/16 from 12/8 on Level4 I think for movie, and to 32/32 for the screenshots). I am amazed what this can do ! It makes glossy local reflections look almost on par with what I am waiting for hours with offline raytracing… It’s fake, but looks so good to me :- ) Glorious tech…
On regular “Epic” settings it’s definitely 100+ FPS on 2560px. Though, I am using Titan-X, but that will be common place soon enough.

With enough optimizations (random resolutions of textures, unimportant textures being 8k, all jpegs,etc… some smart culling,etc…) it might run faster.

My shaders are btw stupidly simple because I am stupid and simple. Every time I opened shader in examples I was blown away by what’s happening there :- D. I did everything the oldschool way…every adjustement in Photoshop so my shader is basically just reading bunch of bitmaps, nothing else. Maybe that contributes to some performance gain ? There are only few instructions.

Thank you to both of you ! It’s much appreciated…

Holy ****, well played sir, well played. If you want someone to test the VR aspect, hit me up :slight_smile:

Do you already have some version of Oculus Rift :- ) ?

The DK2, like most people doing VR work :slight_smile: