Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV)

Hi poly of Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV), formerly called the Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV),
The model will be equipped with 50 cal machine gun , its still in WIP but it will be finished soon.
It will be imported in Unreal 4 and will be full driveable with active suspensions.

Those pistons will be fun to work on, i hope that Unreal 4 physics will not get funky on them :slight_smile:

Last project still waiting approval from epic


How much will it be?

Still didn’t put price tag, i think that i will add two weapons 50 cal and grenade launcher, and also no weapon version, all controlled trough blueprint

This looks amazing. I can’t wait for both of these vehicles. It’s killing me how long it takes Epic to approve things.

Thank you bud working hard on it, i finished baking and started texturing then i realize that Unreal 4 can do mirrored UVS without seams i was so used working on UDK that i didn’t realized that, man i was so happy to see finally in unreal 4 mirrored UVS, i was so jealous at cryengine users.

But then i realize that i need to do UVS again and bake whole thing once again, but i’m doing it slowly.

Well my last vehicle gaz tiger got rejected because i cant use real name after 4 months back and forward with epic review i got that answer

Finished DPV, with textures, PBR ready and ready for Unreal 4 engine.
I found out that Unreal 4 can use mirrored UVS, and now my vehicle UVS will include that technique.
I used mirror UVS in CryEngine but never in UDK, so i never used it in Unreal 4.
But now i’m happy to use it.

Any comment or advice is appreciated

Second skin for DPV :slight_smile: still need work to do but getting there, next is skining in 3ds max importing to UE4, blueprints, and hopefully release on market

It was approved by epic :slight_smile:
link to market place

Breakdown video

I don’t comment on items very often but I just wanted to say that you do amazing work. I like to keep a close eye on developers that focus on military-based projects and you never seem to disappoint. When I saw your driveable vehicle pack I really appreciated how you implemented all the little details and these new packs are even better. It’s really great to see someone who puts the time and effort into those little things such as animated doors, accurate suspension, functional lights, and even a fully working turret with LCD monitor. I mean you even created a police vehicle with the sirens and took the time to ensure they can be shot out. So what I’m trying to say is to keep doing what you’re doing because it’s really great work!