Desert Environment


I am working on a Nevada desert environment and the main purpose is to capture the aesthetics. The landscape material is procedural and so I have a lot more work to do in order to get this looking great.
I have some basic post process effects and lighting.
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I hope you like it and feel free to let me know your thoughts.

I fixed a lot of tiling issues, especially on the main texture. I am still working on the cliff tiling but it should all be ready soon. What do you think of the scene so far?
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Update 3:
The road material is going to be changed to a better texture soon in order to match the landscape better. If anybody has a question let me know and I will gladly answer. :slight_smile:
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Ive been 3d modeling and finding the best measurements and sizing for scene. I have also decided to make an old mining site but a few good 3d models are needed, so I modeled the actual mining cave.
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Old mining cave

There was quite a change in this update. I didnt like the mountains so I did alot of editing in that material. I also added some foliage which will most likely be edited soon. Again I would love to hear your thoughts on the scene and if there is anything you dont like about it?
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Reworked the sky and road coloring, as well as, removed a lot of cacti from scene. On a side not I modeled a mining cart and reworked the lightmaps for the railroad. Again any feedback would be great!
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The mining cave itself is almost finished, I just need to add the phsical ligts and wire a few particles and we are good to go!

I added and reworked the texturing on the mining cart and adjusted the post processing a little bit.
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I thought I would give you an example of how complex the landscape material is. I am always adding subtle changes to it. I might provide some documentation on it but at this point not yet.
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This looks awesome!


there you have already a cool western atmosphere! Maybe some animal skulls/ skelletons and thumbleweeds are missing!

First I have the impression that your scene looks a bit overlit: maybe you can change a bit on the colors or sun settings.

Second I noticed that the rail ways are not properly connected. I suggest to create a spline blueprint so that you have no gaps between the railways. Here is a tutorial to help: