Deserialize don't work once w64 build (ok in editor)

Hello, i think this is a bug but i’m not totally sure because [my editor is not clean] 1. I’m unable to deserialize while playing a build (win64) project, Serialization seam to work but not deserialisation.
I would be happy if someone can try this on his side for be sure this is a bug and post this in bug part. I would also be happy if someone can try the same think in 4.23 because i removed it (now with 4.24).

To reproduce :

  • Open a new C++ blank project.

  • Add new C++ class Inherite from AActor and call it “ActorSerialisable”.

  • Past what is in this file and compile.

  • Create a blueprint Inherited from ActorSerialisable. At beginPlay add a “delay” node (2sec), call “MainTest” and go back to the delay.

  • Hit play in editor and compare the output against the same thing (log) but once build for win64 platform.

You should see that the result is not the same because the deserialisation is not done in the build case. I tryed with VS 17&19.