Describe Unreal Engine with a song

@Unreal Engine-> All I want is you, you’re ma cherie!

@CryENGINE-> I will survive!
@Unity-> You’re always on my mind

Queen has a song for everything… :wink:

UE - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
CE - The Show Must Go On
Unity - Under Pressure

When I first saw the dark UI design for the UE4 Beta coming from UE3:

AC/DC - Back in Black (Or really dark grey, whatever)

Jesus Jones - Right Here Right Now

@Unreal Engine -> I Love You :slight_smile:


but in positive, epic way.

Just the Way You Are

edit nearly an hour later;
I’m Still Waiting - Diana Ross

UE4 Beta: Elton John - Rocket Man :cool:
UE4: Tina Turner - Simply the Best
CryEngine + Unity: the ones that DotCam mentioned ^^

CryEngine - I Stand Alone (link)

UE4 - Polyushka Polye (link)

Unity - Party Rock Anthem (link)

Bonus. Change NATO with " Other Engines" and Red Army with “Unreal Engine”. One of the best cutscenes ever :slight_smile:

I really miss calling all of our beta testers “Rocketeers” back then. It was just such a cool nickname

There once was a man from Cass…

haha, that’s great, I was thinking the same thing :slight_smile:

Now that you mentioned it, I think this song suits it perfectly

LOL… that was awesome :wink:

I thought it was a parody video at first, the fact that it’s actually real makes it even better! haha

Hehehe, nice song :smiley:

Electronic Supersonic is more like Torque, or something:
‘Climb on to my love rocket, It no work but I have fixed with duct tape’

Kanye West - I Am a God.

I think we’ve all felt like this while using UE4.

We will rock you (queen)