Desaturating dinamically without a post process?

Hello everyone,
I need to change the saturation of the entire game level dinamically based on some variables i tried with a post process volume and via blueprint changed its settings but due to this warning, i’m looking for an alternative if there is any…
is it possible to desaturate the game level entirely without using a post process? and if that so, how can i achieve that?

Thank you very much.

You can change the player’s camera post process settings directly. You must override the film saturation property. Also beware that the Make post process settings is a really large node. I’ve made a quick example bound to the mouse wheel but obviously you can set it up how you would like.

Edit: Ignore the warning on the custom event call, its just complaining that I didn’t re-compile.

Thank you for your answer OpticalShadows!
Yeah i’m aware of that BIG node, i was already using it but for the post process volume. Didn’t thought about using the camera instead. I’ll try that
But one question; can’t they both work together? I mean a post process volume and the camera post process settings.

Thank you for taking the time to make that graph example too :smiley:

They both work together in both a local and unbound post process volume. The camera’s saturation override takes priority to the volumes saturation, or anything you decide to override in the camera for that matter.

Thank you very much,
right now i’m testing it and guess what? i’m still getting the warning…


dunno why :confused:

Just throw in an empty blendables array in there like I have it above. It doesn’t affect anything, it’s just a quirk with the node. Drag off a “Make array” node.

what i finally did was just uncheck the blendables pin in the details panel from the nodes “make pp” and “break pp”. So there is no warning anymore ^^

This is fixed in a newer release (4.6) , now it’s marked as
UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=Misc)
and doesn’t cause this error any more

Thank you very much Martin!
Now i’ll be able to use without any annoying warning ^^