Desaturate Multiple Areas via Post-Processing Material?

Hi All,

I’m creating a game where areas of the map are desaturated. I’ve managed to get this working perfectly for a single area using a material and a post-processing volume, but I’m wondering how to expand this to multiple areas?

I’ve got a workaround in place currently that changes scalar parameters to change the location of the desaturation effect depending on where the player is looking, but this isn’t a good solution as there will be scenarios where multiple areas are visible at once.

Example of desaturation effect:

Current material setup:

Thanks for your time.

Hi @Issus_C, I came accross this article by chance: Unreal Engine Tip: Area-Specific Color Grading
At first glance, this looks like it could be interesting for you. Did not look further into it, but it allows to change settings (among them saturation) based on volumes. Question is, if these volumes can be dynamically influenced, but at least, you could check this one.

It is this one Color Correct Regions | Unreal Engine Documentation

This is a fantastic find, thank you very much. Looks like it’ll solve the problem provided - as you say - it can be dynamically influenced. I’ll give it a test this week and report back