Deriving from UBlueprint class

I know this is pretty advanced topic, and there is no documentation available regarding this, but I am hoping if someone proficient in creating editor tools has ever derived from UBlueprint class to create custom Blueprint graph(like AnimBlueprint or WidgetBlueprint). Deriving from UBlueprint class to create editor tools in ue4 is throwing Map Validation Check error. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Everything works perfectly if my editor asset is derived from UObject instead, but I need the functionalities of an Event Graph.

Unfortunately I can’t see the editors in your video. Can you post the errors that the Data Validation log is tossing?

Where is the Data Validation Log file. I can’t find anywhere.

Post the errors showing up in the console at the end of your video.

It is the same error you can see in the Message Popup , in the video. I debugged to see that UBlueprint has one GeneratedClass (like UAnimBlueprintGeneratedClass), and it is returning null in my case, although I added a custom Generated class for my asset. Need to see why.

You don’t really need a custom UBlueprint class for that. In fact there’s very rare reasons you’d need it.

For custom Graphs you have to implement a custom Editor Toolkit class where you’ll base all your custom Editor tools on.

This is a very time-consuming task, lots of different undocumented classes you need to learn about to do it. I often come across the need for custom toolkits, but most of the time I’d rather invest my limited time somewhere else…

Yes, I did implement custom Graph, and it works awesome. Now I wanted to add conditional branches instead of just normal arrows, and on clicking those conditions I want user to navigate to another graph which would work just like a AnimBP state machines , and user can add conditions, although I have another idea that might be useful. Why not use a seperate Blueprint Actor instead for all the conditions, and use the DeLink node to trigger the respective conditions.

But I really wanted a more convenient approach of adding a seperate event graph , and sub graphs for conditions, like in AnimBlueprint. So you are suggesting against it, if I am not wrong ?

From screenshot looks like you use the builtin UEdGraphSchema from BT editor.
That schema doesn’t really implement what you’re looking for, you’ll need AnimBP Schema’s drawning policy classes or implement your own drawing policy system to add those arrows to this graph.