Derive Custom Character from Character Blueprint?

Coming from a C++ programming background my first inclination is to derive my own custom character with its own attributes and additional behavior from the already supplied character blueprint as opposed to modifying the existing character blueprint (in C++ CustomCharacterClass would be derived from the CharacterClass). This method keeps custom modifications separate from the base character blueprint making things not only more clear, but if there are updates to the base character blueprint that is more easily handled as it simply replaces the base blueprint. Having watched a number of really great tutorials I’m not clear if this can be done or if just modifying the character blueprint directly is how things work in the Unreal Engine.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Yeah, totally doable. Right click inside the content browser, in an empty space, create Blueprint Class -> Character

When you want to derive from a custom class you have created already, inside the content browser right click it and “Create Child Blueprint Class”.

Tip: When you open a BP class, you can see from which class it’s deriving in the right superior corner of the BP Editor, near to “Search for Help” bar. Some of the classes are not editable inside the Blueprints Editor, so the class name will have the white color. When you click it, will open the Visual Studio.

When the class name is blue, you can open it directly inside the editor.