Derelict Hallway (Working Title)

Here are some screens of a current scene a friend of mine and I are working on right now. We’re still adding a few more assets to pull the scene together. The scene is dynamically lit with a directional light and a few spot/point lights to mimic some bounce lighting, (having a few issues with the cube map ATM, made a post in the rendering thread looking for some help) Any feedback or questions would be greatly appreciated and answered to the best of my ability

Thanks ahead of time

(I don’t know how to add pictures at full size so sorry for making you click a lot -__-)

Whoops I don’t know how I got that extra attachment down there, can’t figure out how to delete it either :confused:

Very nice. The water looks a little strange to me though. But it could just be me.

@ thanks! and ya the water is having some trouble reflecting the cube map correctly right now, needs more love.

Also forgot to attach out main inspiration/reference, were enforcing our artistic licenses in several cases though.

Are you going to end up playing with the lighting/post processing to achieve similar mood to the reference photo? Or is this representative of the final lighting?

@ this is more so the final lighting, we decided to go with a hotter sun with more dramatic shadows/highlights. Its a little flat and washed out on the walls currently

Looking really cool, very close to the reference.

  1. Upload your picture to a website like https://imageshack/, ://,… and then in your thread go to “insert image” - “From URL” and write the URL from your picture into the box - uncheck “Retrieve remote file and reference locally” - press ok -> finished :slight_smile:

  2. when you go into the “go advanced” tab (you can find it when you edit your thread) you can find a attachment tab at the bottom of the site, there you can delete it

So I’ve got a few more screenshots, not quite done yet, still having some rendering problems but here is what I have to date.

Would love some more feedback!

P.S. Will have a fly-through to show tomorrow!


This looks nice, I like the sink in the middle of the floor.