Depth of Field: Wievport Vs High Resolution Screenshot

Hi all!,

does anyone noticed the difference between the output of the viewport and the one from the HighResolutionScreenshot when using Depht of Field?

this one is the viewport (better Depth of Field)


this other is the High Resolution Screenshot that was done at x3 (worst DoF)


I noticed that when the screenshot is done at x1 the transition between in focus and out of focus get better (no straight line between the two parts) but the reflections of the chrome material of the couch in background get worst (image below)


…some advice about? :rolleyes:

Looks like the DOF is not scaling up together with the high resolution screenshot… Maybe that’s why both the transition and blur amount is “smaller” in the high res capture. This method has some problems… I always have issues with anti-aliasing, reflection and refraction when using it. I prefer to set up a full screen resolution, increase the screen percentage to 200% and take a print screen. If you really need images with a higher resolution than your monitor can display, I think you’ll need to guess the DOF values that will give you the correct results. Just duplicate the Post Process Volume in your scene, deactivate the original and play with the new one, so you don’t mess up with the original setup.

One thing that may work too (I didn’t test it yet) is to set up a higher resolution than your monitor can display within Nvidia Geforce Experience (if you have nvidia card). They have some downscale techs for the newer graphics cards that may work.

thanks for the reply rabellogp, in that scene the near and far distance weren’t enabled, after enabled and setted the DOF was better (no straight line) but still impossible to define exactly where the DOF starts and ends…the viewport doesn’t correspond to the output :confused:
I’ll do some other test with x1 screenshots.