Depth of Field not looking great particularly on eye-lashes with Trey

Any tips on resolving these issues in red? I am on 4.26.2 but haven’t updated metahumans yet since downloaded in November. I am not sure how to update the humans and worry i’ll break my scene.

Is this a metahuman limitation at the moment or fixable?

r.temporalAA.upsampling = 0

Hi Josh, did you ever find a fix for this? I’m experiencing the same issue with a different Metahuman character

I don’t believe I did. I ended up turning of DOF for my outputs on most shots. I think I also reduced my DOF by increasing my aperture but it didn’t really resolve it i don’t think.

I’m currently locked out of UE because my 3090 died and I need RTX on this project. Waiting for a new computer to be built.

There is a command r.temporalAA.upsampling = 0 that I hoped would do the trick but didn’t.

Are you having the same issues and are you making progress? I’d love to hear if so. I wondered if this was a ‘early access’ issue with how DOF is handling groom/hair.

Yeah I had no joy with that variable either. Will keep working on it and will feed in here if I find a solution. Surprised that more people aren’t experiencing the same issue.

Same problem here, did anybody find a solution to this ?

In light of your current situation with Metahuman assets and concerns about potential issues during the update, can you share any experiences from the community regarding updating Metahuman assets in Unreal Engine? :slightly_smiling_face: