Depth of Field not looking great particularly on eye-lashes with Trey

Any tips on resolving these issues in red? I am on 4.26.2 but haven’t updated metahumans yet since downloaded in November. I am not sure how to update the humans and worry i’ll break my scene.

Is this a metahuman limitation at the moment or fixable?

r.temporalAA.upsampling = 0

Hi Josh, did you ever find a fix for this? I’m experiencing the same issue with a different Metahuman character

I don’t believe I did. I ended up turning of DOF for my outputs on most shots. I think I also reduced my DOF by increasing my aperture but it didn’t really resolve it i don’t think.

I’m currently locked out of UE because my 3090 died and I need RTX on this project. Waiting for a new computer to be built.

There is a command r.temporalAA.upsampling = 0 that I hoped would do the trick but didn’t.

Are you having the same issues and are you making progress? I’d love to hear if so. I wondered if this was a ‘early access’ issue with how DOF is handling groom/hair.

Yeah I had no joy with that variable either. Will keep working on it and will feed in here if I find a solution. Surprised that more people aren’t experiencing the same issue.