Depth of Field Crash on iOS 8 since 4.8?

Hi all,

Since 4.8 (including 4.9 final) it seems like if I turn on DOF either in camera settings or using global post process volume, the game would crash when running on iOS 8 devices. However the same project runs well on iOS 7 devices. Is anyone experiencing the same thing?

On 4.7.6 DoF is working fine on both iOS 7 and 8 devices.

It crashes on ios9 devices either…

If I disable Metal in project settings then everything seems ok. But scene captures behave weirdly when I uncheck the Metal checkbox in project settings. So I guess this isn’t a proper workaround…


Please submit a question on AnswerHub and provide crash logs, already attached as a .txt file so that we can look into this further. If you know the reproduction steps, please include those as well so that we can test this more easily.


Hi there!

Thanks for the response. I’ve submitted it here:

Here’s another question on AnswerHub that I’ve asked few days ago but it is still left unanswered that’s why I thought maybe I should try the forums instead.

As you can see I’ve left the problem related to depth of field in the comments.

Thanks again!