Depth of field and photo method for models


Ive done some testing on a small model i made and photographed on a turntable, the results were amazing, I’m so greatful for this software. I need to capture a series of small models a lot of which are landscapes and i was wondering if anyone could offer some advice on the best way of capturing them. Ive included a photo of a couple of the models, as you can see they have some fine details and are all in the region of 600x600mm. They will eventually all be used in cinema 4d a sets to be viewed mainly from one direction.

My first question is about depth of field as in order to get close enough to capture the detail needed i would probably use a 50mm prime (i have a 90mm macro but i think this might not help here). Even with a huge amount of light and really small aperture the focus area is going to be shallower than the depth of the model. If i have out of focus elements in images will this upset CR and reduce the ability to align and resolve a good image, or so long as all the areas to be captured are in focus in some photos will CR effectively ignore the presumably unresolvable blurred areas?

secondly i was wondering what would be the best strategy for camera positions. I was going to put the camera on a jib and come across the front of the model (angled slightly down down onto the model) taking images with an overlap. I was then going to move the camera further over the model (into the z axis so to speak) and repeat until i covered the whole model forming a grid. Then repeat this woking across the model from the left, right and back edges. Finally going in and picking up any nooks and crannies with more detailed close ups to get more obscured angles. does anyone have a more efficient and logical (for CR) way of doing this.

perhaps i could put the model on the turntable and after each ration move the camera closer to the centre of the turntable. with both approaches would it be useful for CR to have a larger top down and profile views to help it align.

sorry for for many questions and thanks greatly in advance.

wilkie .


If you’re fighting with the depth of field, rather get pictures from above as you mentioned cause that makes the distance between various object lesser and therefore you prevent blur, also having the aperture as high as possible for your light conditions is important here on the closeups. Grid pattern should work as long as this subject is rather flat. You’re basically simulating the drone mapping.