Depth Map Access

Hi everyone,

I’m just starting out getting into the SDK and getting a feel for it. As a first exercise, I want to experiment a bit with the depth maps during model creation. After some study of the SDK files, I’m still not quite sure where that data lives. How would i go about reading the depth map for each camera and would there be a way to modify that data before further processing? Any help on this is greatly appreciated.



Hello David,

there is no way how to access depthmaps calculated during model creation. However you can calculate depthmaps from already calculated model using CreateModelVisibility. This function calculates depthmaps by projecting depth to cameras.

As I understand this is not what you want.

I see. Thank you for the response! I would indeed be more interested in having access to the data during model creation. Is that a feature that you plan to make available sometime in the future?