DeprojectMousePositionToWorld uses Top of Cursor as Origin

I’ve noticed that when using EMouseCursor::Crosshairs the mouse position deprojection uses the top of the icon rather than the center. Is there a way to offset this so that the call returns the true center of the icon?

Hey -

I used the following level blueprint to setup a button in umg and switch my mouse from the standard arrow to the crosshair. When I hover the crosshairs over the button it only allows me to interact with it once the center of the crosshair is within the bounds of the button. Additionally when I do click on the button the crosshair will switch back to the arrow and I found that the center of the crosshair is at the same location as the top point of the arrow. Let me know if this is the same thing you’re seeing or if you’re seeing/doing something different.


After more testing it seems I am wrong. I was randomly projecting rays from character center and/or the tip of the gun in different places.