Deploying UE4 on the Amazon Fire TV

Good work =)

Hello Viper,

I followed your setup completely and launched the Sun Temple scene to the fireTV. It loads fine, but as soon as I attempt to move the game crashes. I figured it was the project so I created an empty third person template scene with the settings set to mobile & scalable 3d/2d. Same exact thing happened. I was wondering if you ran into this issue, and what solution you came to?

I am developing a game on the Fire TV for my Master’s thesis using Unreal Engine 4, but all of my attempts have failed.

Any information you can offer is greatly appreciated.


I am also interested in getting my app/game to Amazon Fire TV. Does UE4 officially support it ?

I didn’t make this tutorial. It was made in 2014.

I am aware of that :slight_smile:

I just chimed into the thread since it’s the only thread about Amazon Fire TV.

Were you able to run UE4 on Fire TV box ?

It must do; there is a reference to the Fire TV remote and game controller in the 4.10 release announcement. Having said that I have never tried it myself but I am keen to do so soon.