Deploying to iOS device without recooking every time?

We are currently developing a mobile game and I find that the ‘deploying to iOS devices’ process fails quite oftem for various reasons, sometimes there is a hidden itunes dialogue box I have missed about connecting to the device, or the process stalls because it’s found a device on our wireless network and can;t deploy to it, or whatever reason.

Currently the only way to retry is to “run” the project launcher process again, which re-cooks the whole game. I just cooked it, I just want to retry to deploy the content I have on my hard drive.

I think in UE3 we had a way to just ‘deploy’ the current cooked content to the device without running through the cook process every time. Having this in UE4 Project Launcher would save me a LOT of time.



Hi UppercutAJ,

I believe this is what you are looking for: