Deploying to Android and got an Unknown Error

I tried building a program fresh out of the Paper2D side scroller on my Samsung Galaxy S II+. However, I couldn’t compile it. Any ideas? Here is the log I copied and pasted.

Hello TheSomeoneXD,

Thank you for providing the log in your initial post. This is very helpful in diagnosing your issue.

The main error I see here, which is one I’ve not seen before personally, is this:

C:\Users\Documents\Unreal Projects\AndroidTesting\Intermediate\Android\APK\bin\AndroidManifest.xml:1: Tag attribute package has invalid character ‘[’.

It seems that there may be something in your project that is using a ‘[’ in its name that is not allowed, which causes the build to fail. Could you check to ensure that you’re not using that opening bracket anywhere? Unfortunately since I’ve never seen this message, I’m not sure exactly what parameter in the engine it’s referring to.

Thank you! The [ character came from the default com.(something, can’t remember).[PROJECT]. I changed the [PROJECT] and now it actually runs! :smiley: