Deploying source engine build to different workstations

Hi there,

we just started a Server-Client-Project, in which we are using a bought Plugin.
To make the game network replicated by following this…ne_from_source

The build was successful (obviously since we didn’t change anything) but we couldn’t load the Plugin into our Project, so after a bit of google search we rebuilded the plugin from source files with the project.
That’s working completly fine so far but now it’s like the plugin beeing a part of the project instead of the engine.

My first question is, is it possible to build the plugin with the source engine so we can use the plugin in different project using the source engine build and if yes would be so kind to give me a “brief” explanation or link to a blog or something?

So after building the engine we need to deploy the build to different workstations, that our team can use the same UE4 version.

We build our engine from version 4.21.2 and the workstations are Windows.

Please keep in mind that this is our first big network replicated project and also we’re kind of new to the engine.


Hey it’s me again,

so we talked about the plugin issue and decided to leave it in the project.

What’s left is to deploy the build to different machines.

Any advice?