Deploying a classroom

If a college faculty buys a license, and have Unreal on each computer, then the students start up the editor they’ll get an account login in the Launcher. Presumably we don’t want them to know the faculty login details. How can we enable them to start up without getting stuck on that stage? Should they use “Offline” mode?

[When I use offline and press Launch nothing much seems to happen - I just drag UE4 executable to taskbar and fire it up from that].


As i know this licence (19$/mo) is per single user, i think you need different licence for whole collage… or else you already have one that i don’t know about :stuck_out_tongue:

You will have to wait before group licensing.

Students would not need need to run the Editor through the Launcher - a direct link to the editor’s executable would suffice, as you are already doing it.

You would most likely use the Launcher to execute updates and download of additional content from the Marketplace, by your IT staff, or in absence of dedicated IT, by TAs.

From an IT point of view, this is not the ideal way though, especially for a faculty that might have many workstations and/or many classrooms.

If your workstations have a standard OS image, a standard way of doing it is to get updates and then deploy them through an update system such as Radia or similar.

I answered a similar question here: Educational License - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums

The TLDR is that the worst thing a student can do in the launcher is sign you out. I would strongly suggest staying signed in as you get the additional benefits from the launcher like updates and such.

I didn’t deploy anything as yet. I just have my own computer with my account, and I’m pushing the IT dudes to buy our academic account. I was just wondering about steps to take from the get go. :slight_smile:

Hello Tomofnz,

Before the launcher was set to offline mode, was the editor downloaded onto the computers? How were the launcher and editor distributed to the computers? Any additional information may help our investigation.