Deployed To android game is too dark.

For some reason my game on tablet is quite dark not single actor/material, but overall darker.
I use only unlit materials (everything is dynamic in my game, no place for static lights).
For testing i basically multiplied all material emmisive by 8 then clamped to 0…1, so i am sure i have max emmisive values there.
Game is still quite dark, much darker than in editor or game preview. Tablet is also set to max brightness.

Hi Nawrot, it will depend on the tablet, as it will still use ‘advanced’ features, and some tablets go through a different rendering path; how does it look on mobile preview on PC?

Hi Nawrot, can you disable Mobile HDR and see if that would help:-)

Thanks for pointers. Tablet is Nvidia shield, its great but about half of in editor brightness. I will fiddle with hdr and other things.
Will compare if flappy bird does same.