Deployed project cannot find my gamemode BP

Hey guys,

I have a gamemode, BP_TeamElimination, which inherits from my code-based TeamEliminationGameMode, which inherits from SpaceGameMode. This finally inherits from AGameMode.

BP_TeamElimination is set as the default gamemode in my project’s ‘Maps and Modes’ project settings.

When I run a dedicated server (off of UE4Editor.exe with a map parameter), I get the following in its log;

[2014.08.22-15.51.04:710][  0]LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to find object 'Class /Game/Blueprints/Core/BP_TeamElimination.BP_TeamElimination_C'

What can I do to make UE4 ‘see’ this blueprint? The file itself exists, and works fine PIE.


I’m having the same problem with 4.15.1 – did you find a solution?