Deployed app on android stuck onto "Your splash screen here"

I package my app and installed it on my phone, but all I get is this screen:

Any idea on what it might be?


Same problem here. I’m going to try watching the android monitor logs to see what comes up.

Can you give me some more information.
Like the blueprint where the game will start.

Did you try to build a basic unreal app?
If that one is working on your phone it is something in your project.

If you go in your computer to \NVPACK\windows-sdk\tools\lib\x86\monitor.exe (something like that), and run that while your Android is plugged into your computer and the Android is in Debugging Mode, then it should make a log of everything that’s happening in your Unreal app on that device. You can Ctrl+A select all the logs and save them to disk and post them up on pastebin or embed them as code here for us to look at, and see if we can spot what’s wrong.

It will be helpful to reduce the logs to just your app and not the whole phone’s logs by adding “app:com” to the filter line before you select and save the logs.