deploye ps4,xbox one games unreal 4 free ?

hi everyone :slight_smile:

now unreal 4 is free ans available to everyone

so i need to know if i can deploye ps4 or xbox one free?

dose unreal4 support ps3,xbox 360 ?

thank you ?

I am pretty sure you get the version of UE4 that can deploy to xbox 1 and ps4 free as long as your a registered ps4/xbox 1 developer.

I don’t think so but I am sure someone with more info on that will chime in soon:)


did some searching around and these 2 threads might help

I’m not sure about Xone, but Sony requires you to be a LLC registered company and have a proven portfolio (aka published commercial game on other platforms) before publishing on their consoles.
You also need a broadband internet connection with static IP address (aka IP never changes) and your working environment is supposed to be a safe place to protec their tech (CCV cameras, etc).

you’ll need the aforementioned console’s Developer Kit to deploy to any of those afaik or according to any information I’ve seen.

if you have those it’s free + the 5% royalty after $3k per quarter per game

I see
thank you so much :slight_smile: