Deploy to Tablets (through USB)?

Hello, I started playing with UE4 today and I’m focusing on mobile platforms for development, but I’m running into some issues and I need your help.

How can I test my games on my Android Tablet?

I searched everywhere but didn’t find any answer.

It’s not an smartphone, so there is no USB cable (but it has a USB port). I always installed my games made in Game Maker Studio using pendrives, because it had a single .apk, but the UE4 generates a second file with .obb extension. How do I install this file? And where?

Or is there a way that I can generate a single .apk file? (I already tested the “Distribution” option, but still generate both files).


I already read that, and I don’t think it’s relevant to my question.

2 things:

  • I can build the .apk with no problems, the only problem is that it comes with an .obb file with it, and I can’t manage to install on my tablet, since it doesn’t have USB cable, so, I can’t install from PC.
  • I want to know if there is any way I can create a single .apk file and install it with pendrive, or if there are any alternatives that I can install on my tablet.

But thanks for the link anyway.

I dont belive your tablet can’t do ADB, you sure you cant connect your tablet to pc in order to use ADB? What model is it?

Genesis 7200

It’s not a very good tablet, but can handle a lot of games.
The only cable that comes with the tablet is the power charger (not USB), that is why I’m having difficult.

Is there any workarounds that I can do? Wireless transfer using Wi-Fi or pendrive/USB?

obb file goes in


where “com.epicgames.TappyChicken” is the package name for you app. So install with the .apk and copy the .obb file.

edit: oh you cant install the apk either?

This is the only “obb” folder I found:

And when I try to copy the .obb to this folder, it says “Permission Denied” or something like that. Guess I can’t copy anything to that folder. :frowning:

Ok, I managed to install using a mini-usb cable, but only using the UnrealFrontend, if I package the game using the File > Package Content, the .bat file tries to install the game on sdcard folder, but I’m not using an sdcard, so it throws me some errors saying that the folder/file doesn’t exists.

And when I finally installed using the UnrealFrontend, my game just shows a Black Screen and nothing more, it’s like the .obb is still missing. :frowning:

I had less trouble installing an iOS game using UDK rather than using UE4 to install an Android game.

Psyke, would mind posting the errors you had deploying to your tablet over USB to our AnswerHub site? We’re still working on expanding our Android compatibility, and having this information is helpful. So far, all of the devices we’ve tested used an emulated SDcard directory, so we haven’t seen the issue you’ve encountered.